The Repworks staff of dedicated people



Ted Curtin, CPP, CPMR

Ted is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and a Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR) and has been part of the New England sound, video, music, and security community for over three decades. He has served as the National Vice President and Group Chairman of the Electronic Systems Integration Group (eSIG) of the Electronic Representatives Association (ERA), and served on the ERA's Board and Executive Committee for 14 years. He has also served as the chairman of the National Systems Contractors Association's (NSCA) Representative Advisory Council, and currently serves on the Security Industry Association's (SIA) membership committee.

Bryndis Curtin, CPMR

Bryndis is a Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR) and has a background that includes experience in both sales and data processing. Her responsibilities include sales and project management. Since developing strategic selling techniques necessary for success require both a high-level reporting capability and an extensive target account data base, Bryndis also devotes much of her time to our cloud-based CRM program and in-house publishing. Her pleasant demeanor and meticulous follow-up are recognized and appreciated by the dealers and manufacturers she talks to daily.

Camille Morin

Camille is our customer support person. Her responsibilities include order entry, sales support, lead handling, correspondence and mailings. 

Camille's background includes positions at securities firms and banks, and she has been involved in product development projects and national sales meeting organizing. 


Tom is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a Certified Sales Professional (CSP), a Certified Penetration Tester (CPT), a Certified Expert Penetration Tester (CEPT), and has an IPVM Access Control Certification.  He is an outside account manager, and his many skills are highly valued by our customers, and greatly add to our technical abilities. He is able to bring to our customer that very essential "last mile" connectivity between security, AV systems, and customers networks. 

Darlene Curtin

Darlene is a "can-do" person who is task-oriented. Her determination to get the job done makes her ideal to handle our extensive binder program, lead contact letters, literature control, and correspondence.

Evelyn Anderson

"Evie" is our telemarketer, with responsibility for generating interest in our products and services with end users.  She has an extensive background in the real estate industry where she ran outside marketing services, and brings that experience to Repworks, helping us to reach further up the "food chain" to help bring business to our partners.

Carolyn Chicoine

Carolyn maintains our CRM program, assists Bryndis with sales management processes, and is responsible for managing our unique sales reporting system.